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                           TruBeauti Mission Statement


TruBeauti makeup and skincare was created during a time the owner (Nikki) started her healing/spiritual journey. During that journey, Nikki developed an understanding of the need to heal but just on the surface, but even within. Along the way, she learned that natural medicine and natural healing is one of the best gifts for her and sparked an idea of wanting to share the same healing knowledge with others, as she continues on her journey.


TruBeauti's new skincare/body care line (which is currently under construction) is made with all natural ingredients that all contain specific healing properties, that target the specific issues you are having with your skin! Each ingredient is something we have personally looked up,

studied on, and tested in order to make sure your needs are being met by using our products! Each product is being created with the intention of helping you achieve the desired results for your own personal skin healing journey, and all while using all natural ingredients! This is something you can trust that was well thought out, and prepared especially for you! In these days, most big companies don't keep the consumer in mind, but rather what will help them make a profit! With TruBeauti, you can trust that you are the main focus of the product! You are using a product that you have known you needed and was curated with you specifically in mind!


TruBeauti and it's owner stands on the values of being of service to others! Each product and service offered have all been something well planned and thought out to

be sure they are able to help others in more than one way! The mission for TruBeauti and its owner is not self-serving mission, it is instead a mission to serve others by sharing knowledge of how to care for your skin and your body! But our mission also goes beyond makeup, skincare, and body care needs. It is also meant to reach and help the lost, "forgotten", misunderstood souls out there trying to find their way to healing! Which is why Nikki, as the owner, stands on transparency in all of the endeavors she sets out on and her journey she is still currently on herself! Healing is just that, a journey!


To all of the lost, broken, misfits, those who are afraid to stand out, I want you to know TruBeauti is for you! Be TRU to who you are and never close yourself into a box to fit in! Be outside of the box! Nikki, as the owner of TruBeauti knew she was meant to stand out, so she is taking time to make sure her brand TruBeauti as a whole stands out just like you were meant to stand out!! So continue to stand out! Be unique! Be who you are, and learn who you are as you journey on this journey of healing and self care! Self care and self love is the best gift you can give yourself! And know while you are on your journey of healing, you are not alone!-


Danielle "Nikki" Harrison



  • I need to get to know you!!!!
    30 min
    20 US dollars
  • 45 min
    88 US dollars
  • Prices depend on the lash type and also if it's a full set or touch up
    2 hr
  • 1 hr
    40 US dollars
  • Full glam is a for any event this does not include lashes.
    1 hr
    150 US dollars
  • This service is for anyone who needs me on set. Price is per hour*****
    24 hr
    270 US dollars

about me.

Queen Nikki

Since I was a little girl I would play dress up, running

around in heels that were way too big for me, I would constantly 

see these beautiful women in magazines and on tv who were 

wearing makeup. Using their face as an artistic canvas to 

paint the beautiful design they had in mind, they made makeup

their art of self expression. With me being the colorful little girl I was I wanted to be able to express my art in the same form. That little girl now has created the company that you have chosen to take interest in, TruBeauti! TruBeauti was created for the many women around the world who have the canvas, but need help creating what they have in mind. 




IG: Miznikki481

TikTok: Nikkisterz

Facebook: Trubeauti LLC

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